7 Must-Visit Places in Cambridgeshire via Private Taxi

Scenic view of a historic place in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire, a picturesque ceremonial county in Eastern England and East Anglia, is steeped in history, natural beauty, and culture. For those wishing to explore it intimately, a private taxi journey through its towns and countryside offers a personalized, in-depth experience. Dive into our guide to unveil the top spots to visit.

  • Location: Eastern England
  • Major Cities: Cambridge, Peterborough
  • Population (as of 2021): Approximately 852,000
  • Area: 3,390 km²

Places to Visit:

Cambridge UniversityA prestigious institution with beautiful colleges and gardens.King’s College Chapel
Ely CathedralAn architectural marvel dating back to the 11th century.Octagon Tower
Wimpole EstateA majestic English country home with lush gardens.Wimpole Hall
Anglesey AbbeyA Jacobean-style house with incredible gardens.Lode Mill
Imperial War Museum DuxfordAn aviation museum with historic aircraft.Concorde Display
The Fitzwilliam MuseumArt and antiquities from all over the world.Egyptian Collection
Fen Drayton LakesA serene RSPB nature reserve.Birdwatching opportunities
Cambridge University
Cambridge University

1. Cambridge University: Often seen as the crown jewel of Cambridgeshire, Cambridge University has been the cradle of knowledge for many luminaries, including Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. Spanning across a vast area, the university is composed of 31 autonomous colleges, each with its distinct history, architecture, and charm. While each college has a unique story to tell, King’s College stands out with its magnificent chapel and the mesmerizing King’s College Choir. The Backs, a picturesque area where several colleges back onto the River Cam, is a must-visit, especially if you fancy a punting trip.

Ely Cathedral
Ely Cathedral

2. Ely Cathedral: Often referred to as ‘The Ship of The Fens‘, Ely Cathedral dominates the skyline of the city of Ely. With origins dating back to AD 672, the present cathedral has elements from the 11th century and later. Its vast, intricate interiors and the unique Octagon Tower make it a marvel of medieval architecture. The stained glass museum inside the cathedral enlightens visitors with its beauty.

Wimpole Estate
Wimpole Estate (photo by AnemoneProjectors under CC BY-SA 3.0)

3. Wimpole Estate: A trip to the Wimpole Estate feels like stepping into a period drama. The estate’s main attraction, Wimpole Hall, is Cambridgeshire’s largest country house. Its interiors are adorned with vast collections of books, art, and furniture. The beautifully landscaped gardens beckon with their seasonal flowers, while the home farm, a favorite among children, showcases rare breed animals.

Anglesey Abbey
Anglesey Abbey

4. Anglesey Abbey: This Jacobean-style house, once a priory, was transformed into a luxurious home by Huttleston Broughton. The interiors give insights into the tastes and opulence of the era. The gardens of Anglesey Abbey are a horticulturalist’s dream. Lode Mill, adjacent to the Abbey, is still functional and offers a nostalgic glimpse into milling operations.

Imperial War Museum Duxford
Imperial War Museum Duxford

5. Imperial War Museum Duxford: A pilgrimage for aviation enthusiasts, the Imperial War Museum Duxford holds one of the world’s most impressive collections of aircraft. Highlights include the American Air Museum and the iconic Concorde. The museum also hosts air shows throughout the year.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

6. The Fitzwilliam Museum: Housed in an imposing Greek Revival building, The Fitzwilliam Museum boasts a diverse collection ranging from ancient Egyptian artifacts to masterpieces by artists like Titian and Rembrandt. Each gallery transports visitors to different eras and regions.

Fen Drayton Lakes
Fen Drayton Lakes

7. Fen Drayton Lakes: For those seeking solace in nature, Fen Drayton Lakes offers a serene escape. This RSPB nature reserve, with its network of lakes and wetlands, is a haven for birdwatchers. The reserve’s proximity to the River Great Ouse makes it a perfect spot for a picnic.

Cambridgeshire is more than just its iconic university. It’s a blend of history, nature, and culture, offering visitors a multifaceted experience. A private taxi tour ensures a comfortable, personalized journey through its many wonders.

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